What is KlickFu?

KlickFu is a software application that enables users to play instant games and apps directly on the computer desktop. Many users like to play simple “click and drag” games with the mouse on the desktop as a way to entertain or distract themselves when they have a few seconds free at the keyboard. KlickFu takes that same experience and makes it more useful or fun.

When would you use KlickFu?

You can use KlickFu any time you have a few seconds free—for example, if you are waiting for an IM response, sitting on hold, or just need a short break from what you are working on. KlickFu is a simple way to take a super-quick break and then get right back to what you were doing.

What types of apps are available on KlickFu today?

KlickFu is designed for 3rd-party developers to be able to create all kinds of interesting and fun things to do instantly on the desktop. For now, you can use KlickFu to make drawings with different shapes and patterns, play super-short games, and even hear music clips while you click and drag.

Why doodling?

For one thing, doodling is fun. Also, we know this is something users do often, so we figured we could make something that would be useful to a lot of people. More generally, we are passionate about creating new user experiences that are super-fast, intuitive, and useful or cool—so while we are starting with doodling there is much more in store… Stay tuned!

Isn’t doodling bad for productivity?

We believe taking periodic breaks is good for everyone–it helps you feel refreshed and focus better on the task at hand. Recent studies have actually proven this is true!

Who makes KlickFu?

KlickFu was created by James Buehler and Michael Helling, two software guys based in Los Angeles, with help from many of our friends. We look forward to growing the company over time as we increase the capabilities of the system.