Introducing KlickFu

We are a new computer gaming company based in Los Angeles, California U.S.A. Our mission is to provide “Instant fun and usefulness on every user’s computer desktop.” We are still in semi-stealthy mode now as we are building the main KlickFu application, so we can’t talk much about the details yet–however, please stay tuned and we will be making regular updates on the product and the company as we progress!

For now, here is a bit about the team… initially there are two of us founding and working on KlickFu:

* James – CEO, my background is in product management and marketing, most recently worked at Amazon as a PM on the Alexa team based in Seattle, Washington.

* Michael – CTO, Rod has managed numerous desktop and Internet development projects, including recently at Earthlink, where he managed the development of the voice-over-IP client.

* Jack Lee is a senior editor for KlickFu covering mobile apps. He has been writing about technology for two decades.

We are excited about our mission to enable instant games and apps for the computer desktop–and we are looking forward to sharing it with you as we get closer to launch!


James & Michael